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Building the future-SDSU Construction Program

Construction is a broad profession requiring the ability to skillfully balance the technical demands of the profession (design of production systems, safe execution of the required work within a budget and schedule) with the needs of the larger society. Much of what we know about the past comes to us from the inherited body of constructed works. Whatever we are as a diverse society, for better or for worse, echoes in the built environment which surrounds us, and everything we do represents an interaction in some manner with the built environment. Construction efforts are required to provide a venue for artistry no less than they are a home for a vibrant economy.

Construction engineering as a discipline could be accurately described as the application of scientific principals and project management tools to the construction enterprise. It is fundamentally a problem-solving profession, in which the construction professional must obtain the skills and breadth of understanding to puzzle out how to bring the dream of a design into the reality of a finished facility. Construction professionals must have an understanding of the society and its basic function in order to successfully complete the built works which enable that society. They must have an excellent grounding in the foundational skills of the profession, but they must couple these with the ability to relate to widely divergent interests.

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