judy tracyWe arrived in Maui via Hawaiian Airlines early Saturday afternoon. It was a five and a half hour flight, but worth it once we landed. We arrived at our condo, Shores of Maui, after renting a car.Our friends Annie and Nancy were out on their patio with their friends CJ and Phil from the Chicago area. They had a beer for me and a frozen fruit cocktail for Judy when we walked in the door. We lounged in the jacuzzi that night after a nice early afternoon dinner at The Stella Blues Cafe. This morning a walk along the beach and our fruit smoothie for breakfast. More guests arrived Sunday: Nancy, Jody, Suanne, Melody, and Susan.

We went to Little Beach with everyone Sunday afternoon to watch the sunset. Let's see there was Suanne, Mel, Nancy, Nancy2, Susan, CJ, Phil. Joe, Annie, Judy, Jody, Kelly, Abby. It was a hike past Big Beach and there were lots of people. Lots of naked guys, strutting their stuff out in the water at Little Beach. There were people drumming, dancing, drinking, snorkeling, and body surfing to name off a few of the goings on. Monday morning we went for a walk along the beach in front of the resort hotels with Jody, Abby, Suanne, Judy, Annie, and Nancy.Terri and Cindy arrived Monday from San Diego.

Tuesday morning EARLY Judy went with the Kihei Canoe Club paddling for an hour. Then some coffee and grocery shopping.

Wednesday Judy went for a bike ride, but had to cut it short because it began to rain. It's been raining most of the day. The most exciting thing at the condo so far today has been the guys trimming the palm trees.Judy took a nap. Tuesday night for community dinner lasagna, Wednesday grilled salmon. Thursday The Great Macaroni and Cheese Bake-Off. The Euchre Card Tournament is down to the last four players this morning. Sunny on Thursday. I went snorkeling with Suanne, Jody, Terri, Nancy2, Susan, and Mel. The water was a little murkie and choppy, but a bad day snorkeling is better than a good day... Judy went for a marathon bike ride to Lahaina. Fifty two miles and five hours. She is getting ready for her century ride early next year.

Friday was the birthday party bash for Nancy. We had BBQ Steaks, ribs, chicken, and pork roast for the main course. Terri was the BBQ chef and Susan did the marinade. Loads of food and fun.

Saturday back to the mainland.