Research Area

Titanium-Titanium Boride Microstructure


Our expertese encompass a variety of processes including: Current-activated tip-based sintering (CATS), Tape Casting, Slip Casting, Mechanical Alloying, Sintering, spark plasma sintering, spark plasma extrusion, hot pressing, rolling, extrusion, forging, and combustion synthesis among others. Materials investigated include metals, intermetallics, ceramics, and their composites .

Current Research Interests include: Novel approaches to Combustion Synthesis Processing, Powder-based micro- and nano-fabrication. Spark Plasma Sintering and Spark Plasma Extrusion of advanced materials, Processing of titanium titanium-titanium boride Dual Matrix Composites, Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) in metallic matrices and their Consolidation.

Examples of current research Projects

Current Activated Infiltration of Al-CNT

Effects of electric current on alumimum melting and infiltration of carbon nanotubes

Reactive Spin forming of NiTi

Control of Ni+Ti reaction through electric activation to produce molten NiTi phase which is simultaneously spin formed

Micro-scale NiTi interfaces by Combined Slip casting and combustion synthesis route

Studying the rheological properties of Ni + Ti powder suspensiion for micro-scale slip casting followed by combustion synthesis.

Electric Current activated combustion synthesis of titanium aluminide (Al3Ti).

Effects of mechanical/electric activation on ignition and microstructure development

Electric Rolling of micro-featured NiTi materials

Effect of electric current and heat treatment on diffuion in elemental micro-scale foils.

Novel Neural Electrodes

Production of titanium hybrid electrodes with improved sensing capabilities.